Pui Ching Family Adventure to the North Pole at $180k!

Pui Ching Family Adventure to the North Pole at $180k!

The exciting study tour to Svalbard from Pui Ching Primary takes you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It is made up of a group of very remote islands that lie between the icy North Pole and the northern coast of Norway. This exciting trip to the Arctic this summer will cost $180,000 and will be something that both the parent and the child will never forget.

Pui Ching Family Adventure: A Journey into the World of Scientific Discovery

Pui Ching Family Adventure to the North Pole at $180k!

The program lasts for two weeks and is led by experienced scientists. It’s more than just a trip; it’s a chance to do study in the middle of the North Pole. Kids in Primary 5 or 6 who are healthy can go on the trip. It looks like it will be an educational adventure like no other.

Pui Ching Family Adventure: How to Avoid the Cost Iceberg

The price of the program used to be crazy high at HK$270,000, but now it’s only HK$180,000, which is a lot more reasonable. Students will only have to pay HK$30,000, which is a lot less than before. This makes it easy to get to the cold adventure.

Pui Ching Family Adventure: Internet chatter and Frosty comparisons

A lot of people online were mad about the high price and thought about how much the event was worth. Others said that trips like that from travel agencies only cost a small portion of that, or about HK$90,000 per person. Some said it was like the down payment on a house. A lot of people have different ideas about whether this trip to the Arctic is a cold deal or an icy extra.

How much valuable family time costs

One thought stands out among all the chatter online: “It might be the most precious family time.” They see this trip as a unique chance to bond with each other and learn more about the world, as well as a way to get to the North Pole.

Getting to the Bottom of Things: Costs, Safety, and More

But even with all the happiness, there are still important things that need to be said. A lot of people are worried about the tour’s prices, safety, and the little things that make it unique. These worries make this cold trip even more tense.

The school’s reaction was silence, and the people who were involved were found out.

People were curious, so they asked the school about it, but they didn’t say anything. Still, five brave Middle School students from Pui Ching Private School are getting ready for this exciting trip with 45 Middle School students. The tour looks like it will be both fun and educational. It is being put together with help from the Polar Research Institute of Hong Kong.

What’s Next? Pui Ching’s Brave Steps in the Arctic

Plus, Pui Ching was the first school in Hong Kong to plan a trip to the North Pole for students to learn. The first two years of this project, 2018 and 2020, were mostly for high school kids. The new rule is that it is now open to kids in elementary school and their parents as well.

Coming up next: From past projects to new ones

As a way to remember the trip from 2018, 23 students and teachers set out on an amazing trip to the North Pole. They went to Norway and Svalbard on a study ship for seven days. The idea for this program came from Tam Yat Yuk, who used to be the principal. He wanted to get kids interested in science, which is why teachers and students gave money.

As the cold winds blow, Pui Ching invites families to go on a journey they will never forget. It’s time to take a trip to the North Pole, which will teach us about the world, our family, and traveling.